Flight Reviews

What a wonderful experience!
A circle around the Robberg Peninsula with views of the seals on the rocks and then along the beach towards Nature’s Valley.
Beautiful views over Keurbooms River mouth and the Bitou River and three whales, each with a calf, in the surf just behind the breaker line.
Truly a unique experience and not to be missed.

Rowan Jones

​This was my best-ever birthday present from my family !
​After taking off, Stew circled Robberg, showing me the seal colony etc - he is very knowledgeable, and clearly loves what he does.   We then went whooshing through the Gap and along Robberg beach!
After that to​ Keurbooms, then climbing back​ over the golf course, too beautiful​.  ​
​I tried to steer, but​ decided I'd rather sight-see.
​Then ... all power off ... absolute silence...  and the overwhelming joy to slowly glide back to earth.  Stu - thank you - too awesome for words !!!!!

Denise Wepener

Flying over the Robberg and then soaring through the sky in a glider, with only the noise of the wind is just awesome. Seeing whales in the bay as well and even being briefly allowed to hold the controls made it into an even greater unforgettable experience for me.

Henry Timme